Blown Beautifully: The Art of the Glass Bong

glassblowing1Glass blowing is truly among the most ancient of art forms. From the Roman Empire through modern times, people have used blown glass to combine beauty and functionality, creating wares that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to see why – glass is relatively sturdy, easy to color and design, and so malleable when hot that it can be shaped into nearly any size and style that is desired. Originally, due to the level of difficulty and time that went into the glass blowing process, the pieces it produced were expensive and difficult to obtain, but as the market has flourished over time, prices have fallen to a reasonable level. Undoubtedly, the customer has reaped the benefit of this price plunge, and the affordability of the items have naturally led to increased ownership. Drinkware, dishes, and vases are some of the more practical, economical uses for blown glass; beyond the useful, glass is frequently blown into trinkets and knickknacks that can be found easily and inexpensively. Along with other societal advancements, glass blowing has caught the wave of the future, and for consumers, the sky’s the limit with what beautiful artifacts they can purchase in that medium.

Modern tobacco smokers have not been exempt from the tremendous influence of the glass industry, so much so that the production and sale of blown bongs is currently at an all-time high. These pieces also fall into the category of easy-to-find, with web-based businesses, glass shops, and even flea markets featuring a wide variety of products that give of-age smokers nearly endless options. The accessibility of blown glasswares has proven to stimulate and increase bong sales across the board, and coupling this with consumer concerns regarding high cigarette prices nationwide, a less expensive overall option with many features to enhance the smoker’s experience makes glass bongs their go-to. Whether they prefer classic tobacco or like to mix it up with things like mint springs, dried fruit, or other flavor-rich extracts, glass blown bongs allow them to tailor their smoking to their own individual preferences. As we collectively become more aware of the effects of additives in products we consume, it is comforting to know that, if you enjoy smoking tobacco, you can purchase items like this that allow you to eliminate the guesswork sometimes involved in that process. With glass blown bongs, what you put in is precisely what you’re going to get out, leaving the smoker in complete control.