Glass Bong Devices

glass-bong-devicesAdditionally, what you put into the glass blown bong is not the only element of usage that is completely able to be altered to the customer’s specifications. One Google search will give you instant access to seemingly countless companies ready to tailor the very design of your bong to your liking, so if you fancy yourself a creative type, grab a sketch pad and pencil. The days of smoking loose-leaf tobacco out of a pipe in the style of your grandfather’s are long over, and there is an endless supply of attractive, fashionable, and even high-end bong choices.

Basic options like size and shape take on new potential complexity when you add specifications like bubblers, bowl sizes, glass blown in spiral shapes, and sometimes even the shape of your favorite item – be it a guitar or a special animal in your life. That doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of color choices, either – whatever hue you can dream up is definitely attainable, and commonly, smokers like ribbons of various shades blown into the glass that may change with usage and over time. Mixing functionality with an almost intuitive, gradual design shift can make tobacco smoking even more fun, and certainly more representative of the individual and their tastes.